softshell babywearing jacket

WOMBAT SHELL - the softshell babywearing jacket

The softshell babywearing jacket that everyone has been waiting for! Carrying your baby for nine months creates a special bond, so it’s not uncommon for mums to miss their bump after they give birth. Imagine how your baby feels leaving behind their safe, warm home and the sound of your heartbeat! The first few months after the birth, or the ‘fourth trimester’, are certainly a transition period for both of you. And yes, babywearing is a great way to continue to develop that closeness.


You’ve probably guessed we’re passionate about the many benefits of babywearing, but here at Wombat & Co., we also understand how important it is for mums to find a coat that makes them look and feel good. If you’re searching for a design that won’t go out of style, our latest babywearing jacket may be just the one for you.

The best babywearing softshell jacket in the market: a softshell that is made to last


This softshell babywearing jacket is one of our most versatile designs. Suitable during pregnancy and right up until your little one is 3 to 4 years old, it allows you to carry your child on your front or back. It can be worn all year round, so you don’t have to worry about buying a maternity coat that’s out of season or obsolete once the baby’s born.


Is a softshell babywearing jacket the right choice for me and my baby?

1. Practical AND Stylish

Designed with fashion conscious mums like you in mind, the WOMBAT SHELL is available in four colours. Sizes go from Small (UK10) to 2XL(UK16). If you’re pregnant, it’s still best to go for your normal size. The central panel comes with adjustment strings so you can be sure of the perfect fit even as your bump grows. Towards the end of your pregnancy, if you find it tricky to close the jacket, just zip in the insert and you’ll have plenty of room for your beautiful baby bump.

2. 4-in1 design

There are four ways to wear all Wombat products. This softshell babywearing jacket is no exception. If you already have a baby carrier or wrap, the jacket fits right over the top. Some babies like to look up at their mummy lovingly, while others prefer to take in their surroundings. Thanks to the WOMBAT SHELL’s  versatile central panel, you have a choice – carry your little one on your front or back depending on what they like best – remember the age of the baby is also key, newborn and younger babies should always look at the mummy or daddy. 

You can also buy additional inserts for tandem-wearing, or carry your baby on your back if you’re pregnant. Oh, and did we mention,  it’s not just for baby carrying – you can also remove the insert and wear your WOMBAT SHELL as a normal jacket. All our coats and jackets are designed with the aim of lasting, and being part of your regular wardrobe! This softshell is no exception! From pregnancy to babywearing it covers all the phases you go through when you are starting a family (or extending one!), but it’s a babywearing softshell for life!

3. All-year round babywearing

While every mama wants their baby to be warm, cosy and protected from the elements, you need to make sure your precious cargo doesn’t overheat. The WOMBAT SHELL has a snug polar fleece interior made from breathable fabric, helping to regulate the temperature so no one gets hot and bothered! 


Even in the height of summer, we often need a coat, as this year’s weather has shown! The WOMBAT SHELL is perfect for all-year-round babywearing. It’s showerproof, water repellent and wind resistant so you and your baby will be warm and dry even when the weather forecast throws a few surprises your way!

From the early days of your pregnancy to carrying an older toddler (and even when you’re no longer babywearing), the WOMBAT SHELL is an essential accessory – a timeless coat that’s built to last for years!


4. 10,000 mm water column to keep you dry


Available in 4 gorgeous colours: Cherry red, Light blue, Caramel and Camo green!


Our sizes ensure a fit that grows to adapt to your size throughout every stage of your nine months of pregnancy and beyond. When making a size selection, we recommend choosing your regular size, as the adjustable strings that come fitted with your jacket are well-equipped to accommodate your bump. If you are in between sizes, go a size up. It is no secret that your body goes through an incredible change throughout pregnancy. This the case with each of our babywearing coats! All you will have to do is pull the strings to find a fit that works for you.

Don’t miss out – get your WOMBAT SHELL now.

Are you struggling to decide? We know sometimes it’s hard to select the right product for you. A softshell babywearing jacket is really a practical product for cold or moderately cold winters, but is the right choice for your needs? Find out more about which is the right coat for you on our blog post: What’s the right maternity jacket for me and my baby?


From pregnancy, for life

Extended length

WOMBAT SHELL is that it is longer than most baby wearing jackets on the market. This is especially important, as it will ensure that your baby’s feet are covered. After all, your little one doesn’t want chilly toes!

One Panel for all modes

Suitable from pregnancy until preschool and beyond, the WOMBAT SHELL is not only long-lasting, it’s versatile. It truly adapts to wherever you are in your journey through pregnancy and motherhood, whether you’re expecting, babywearing, or chasing your toddler around the play area. Each of the parts of your jacket are removable, such as its hood, as well as the removable panel. Yes, WOMBAT SHELL is a proper 4 in 1 softshell babywearing jacket with varied uses:

Front Wearing

Clear benefits of front babywearing include the closeness and intimacy it creates between you and your little one. You won’t need to reach too far to shower them with kisses! This can explain why front-facing babywearing seems to be the most favoured mode by new mums. It is also the most comfortable mode for those new to babywearing. By zipping your adjustable panel to the front of your jacket, you can keep your little one as close to you as physically possible. Oh, and remember you can adjust the elastic bands to adapt to the size of your baby and make sure she’s cosy and comfy.

Piggyback babywearing

Back babywearing, can maintain a bond between parent and child, whilst making accomplishing daily tasks a lot easier. We recommend piggyback wearing from 1 year old only (you really want to see the face of the little babies). To do so, all you will need to do is move the detachable central panel to the back of your babywearing jacket. If you are a babywearing expert or have been doing it for a while, you won’t need any help. If you aren’t, please don’t be discouraged by how daunting it may look! Find a babywearing consultant or check YouTube for tutorials. If you still struggle, contact us! We are happy to help!

Tandem Wearing

Because two is always better than one! If you are the proud parent of twins, or if you have two little ones of a similar age, tandem babywearing may be the perfect option for you. Not only does carrying around two little humans at once guarantee you a workout, just think about all of the extra cuddling! By inserting an additional panel, you will be able to accommodate both of your little ones at once.

Urban Mode

Your WOMBAT SHELL is not just ideal for babywearing. By removing the detachable panel, it can also be worn as a regular, stylish jacket in its own right. So yes, it’s great both in the early stages of your pregnancy and long after your little ones are not so little anymore. Designed for you, for the practical mum who wants to invest in a product that lasts for life.

About Wombat & Co. London

Wombat & Co. London is on a mission to spread the word about babywearing. As parents, we know that it could not be more important to foster a connection with your little one both during your pregnancy and throughout their early years, and we believe that babywearing is the best way to do this.

 We have experienced firsthand the relationship-building benefits of this thoroughly enriching practice, but we know that this is not limited to mother and child – babywearing can strengthen ties between mums and dads, and the family as a whole. As a family-owned business, we are driven by a passion for babywearing, and by offering items of the highest standard, we strive to pass on this enthusiasm on to the mums, dads and families that we serve.