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Meet Our Babywearing Coats & Jackets

We are a group of friends with a background in the babywearing and fashion industries. As parents, we found ourselves looking for the perfect item to babywear our children, and Wombat was born as couldn’t find the perfect solution.  We created Wallaby, the first coat of the family.

5 years later, here we are, one of the leading winter babywearing brands in Europe. Year after year, we have introduced our products into different stores and we currently have 80+ active stores in Europe.

We offer competitive prices, without compromising on quality. The style of our maternity coats is trendy, flattering and fitting for the practical parents who might use their coat for a walk in the forest, a countryside stroll or to go to work after leaving their child at school or nursery.

All our pregnancy and babywearing jackets and coats are suitable for: pregnancy, front babywearing, back babywearing, tandem wearing and normal mode (no baby, just a normal coat) resulting in them being a great investment, as unlike many baby-related products, you will be able to wear them for as long as you wish.

We think most of our products fit mums and dads particularly well. However, we get asked questions about style, some people ask what’s the best coat for dads, or if all our babywearing coats are available for pregnancy and babywearing (the answer is yes! they are all 4 in one and they all allow tandem wearing too if you buy an extra panel)

We are happy to present you with the outcome of our work:

Babywearing coats for mums

WALLABY, the pregnancy and babywearing jacket that supports you and your baby from pregnancy, for life.

WALLABY is our best seller year after year. This winter babywearing coat is designed with one of our main motos in mind: babywearing accessible to everybody. There is no other babywearing coat that offers such good quality at a competitive price.

KOWARI, our 2-in-1 raincoat. Designed for those who want or need protection against the elements most of the year, KOWARI is made of two different jackets. A padded jacket, stylish and comfortable and a raincoat, that attaches to it or can be worn independently. There is nothing as practical in the market!

NUMBAT, a lightweight jacket for the mild winters or cold springs and summers. Numbat is a 2-in-1 jacket that comes with a polar fleece + a lightweight coat. Ideal for practical mums who enjoy that walk in the countryside!

Babywearing jackets and coats for dads

BANDICOOT, the men’s babywearing jacket for all those loving dads out there! We support all shapes of families, and our mission is to make babywearing easier for everyone. In our view and according to our experience, babywearing is not just a mum’s thing. More and more, dads want to enjoy this comfortable practice and lifestyle. BANDICOOT is the men’s babywearing parka that allows dads to look trendy whilst baby carrying their little ones.

Babywearing jackets and coats for mums and dads

KOALA, the latest addition to the Wombat family. A premium, luxurious unisex babywearing coat. Extra warm, extra stylish and absolutely fab!

Wombat Wallaby Baby-wearing Jacket in Brown and Beige


The original convertible maternity coat & babywearing coat, Wallaby is adaptable to protect you & your baby from cold.


Kowari has an inner & outer jacket that combine for year round protection. Perfect for the practical mums.

Maternity and babywearing coats and jackets


A lighter option, Numbat is two baby-wearing jackets in one: A removable warm lining with a rainproof cover.

Wombat London Maternity and Babywearing Coats and Jackets

Pregnancy & Babywearing Jackets & Coats

Wombat & Co coats & jackets adapt to last you through your pregnancy, babywearing & beyond. See our range of all-in-one pregnancy & babywearing coats.

Maternity Coats & Jackets

Adjustable pregnancy coats & babywearing jackets, designed to protect you & your baby throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Our pregnancy & babywearing jackets have been specially designed to adapt to your needs throughout your pregnancy and as a new parent. Zip-off panels easily convert them from everyday use to comfortably & safely protect you & your baby from the elements. Designed to take you through pregnancy and adapt to fit over a baby carrying sling, protecting  you & your baby. Weatherproof & machine washable for protection & easy care.