Maternity Coats & Jackets

All Wombat & Co maternity jackets & maternity coats will support you and your baby throughout pregnancy, babywearing & beyond.

Wombat & Co’s range of innovative pregnancy coats & babywearing jackets are adaptable. Whichever Wombat you choose, zip-off panels let you easily adjust your Wombat & Co coat into multiple ways to fit your changing needs & body. We even have men’s babywearing coats.
Wombat Wallaby Baby-wearing Jacket in Brown and Beige


The original convertible maternity coat for cold weather. Wallaby is a Weatherproof Parka suitable for every use, and converts into a pregnancy coat or a babywearing coat with detachable panels, hood & scarf.


Kowari is multiple maternity jackets in one. The inner maternity jacket & outer maternity coat can be worn separately, or together. The ideal jacket for pregnancy & babywearing for year round protection.

Maternity and babywearing coats and jackets


The KOALA parka is a Luxury fur-free, high-neck maternity coat for cold weather. A pregnancy & babywearing coat, offering the best protection in extreme cold weather conditions while still flattering a women’s shape.

Wombat London Maternity and Babywearing Coats and Jackets

Maternity Jackets & Coats

Wombat & Co jackets & coats adapt to last you through your pregnancy, babywearing & beyond. See our range of all-in-one pregnancy & babywearing coats.

Maternity Coats & Jackets

Adjustable maternity baby carrier coats & jackets, designed to protect you & your baby throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Our maternity baby carrier coats have been specially designed to adapt to your needs throughout your pregnancy and as a new parent. Zip-off panels easily convert them from everyday use to comfortably & safely protect you & your baby from the elements. Designed to take you through pregnancy and adapt to fit over a baby carrying sling, protecting you & your baby. Weatherproof & machine washable for protection & easy care.

The word maternity means motherhood, and comes from the latin word mater meaning mother. Maternity is commonly used to describe the period from pregnancy to shortly after childbirth, but we all know that motherhood lasts a lot longer than those few months. That’s why Wombat & Co maternity coats and maternity jackets are designed to adapt to every mother’s changing needs and last. We think they’ll be one of your favourite coats for comfort & practicality. 

Our maternity coats & jackets will take you from early pregnancy, right through carrying your baby and on to those days when you’re just being you. We are always expanding and updating our range of coats & jackets. Our winter maternity coats like the original & practical Wallaby & the luxurious Koala will protect you and you baby from harsh weather, while our two-part maternity jackets have an inner & an outer jacket that can be worn together, for maximum protection, or separately to suit the weather all year round.