2-Year Warranty

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Every Wombat London piece comes with our 2-Year Warranty. This warranty covers issues you might have had with your coats as long as it was used for its purpose!

If you’re outside the warranty don’t worry, you can take advantage of our Lifetime Repair Service, we can still help you and give you the best advice on how to fix your coat.

I purchased my coat at wombatlondon.com or wombatlondon.eu

Use your email address and online order number (you can find this on your confirmation email) and send us an email to admin@wombatandco.com with photos of your issue and your order number. If you can’t find your order number, any information you provide will help us find your details on our system (delivery address or name).

I purchased my coat at one of your retailer stores:

Contact the store you bought your coat from; our 2-Year-Warranty also applies if yo bought your coat in a store. If the fault is hard to fix, don’t worry, the store will contact us. You can always let us know of any issues at the same email address admin@wombatandco.com

I received my coat as a gift:

If you received your coat as a gift and you can’t provide any proof of purchase; don’t worry, we can provide assistance trying to locate the order and we will help you repair the coat!

How long will it take to repair my coat?

That depends on what’s wrong it. We will always endevour to give you a realistic time and we will consider alternative faster options where possible (like repairing locally to you) to ensure you don’t stay away from your lovely coat for long. As an average, repairs can take up to 15 days, but they usually take around a week. This will be estimated on a one to one basis, and many factors will be considered, including your location, model of the coat, type of fault etc.


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