10 Benefits of Babywearing your little one

babywearing benefits

10 Benefits of Babywearing your little one

When done well, there are no contraindications to babywearing. Find out what the benefits are!

10 benefits of ergonomic babywearing for mums, dads and babies

Yes, you need to do a bit of research to find the right carrier, but once you find it there are so many advantages to babywearing that you will become addicted to it!

  1. It soothes your baby: the more you babywear, the more the baby will be soothed by this! They usually fall asleep too!
  2. Sling babies cope better with gas. Ha! The balancing movement of walking whilst being carried helps the bubbles in their little stomachs to go up, so they burp it out! Expects loads of farting and burping when going up and down the stairs; which we all know it’s great when it comes to babies!
  3. It’s great for travelling and public transport. It doesn’t take space, it allows you to carry things with your hands and it’ll avoid strangers touching your baby as much!
  4. It’s good for cognitive and social development, whilst preventing flat head syndrome: having your baby so close to you allows you to respond to their cues and touch them more. They can hear your heartbeat too and the sound of your voice which is exactly what they need. It gives them extra time to develop and focus on learning as they are completely soothed and feel secure.
  5. It’s good for mother/father – baby bond. When carrying your baby you talk to them more, you feel their heat and their cuddles. It is a way to reconnect for them, after leaving the familiarity of the mum’s womb.
  6. You can nurse discreetly – it takes practice but it’s very cool and practical. Don’t worry if you cannot do it at first. Breastfeeding is sometimes hard enough but once you are comfortable and can breastfeed comfortably, give it a go 🙂
  7. You can do other things, you are hands-free! Cooking, cleaning, reading, countryside walks, holding your other children’s hand whilst going for a walk, isn’t it fantastic?
  8. It decreases the risk of postpartum depression. Babywearing makes easy to have social interactions (believe me, everyone will smile at you when they see you and your little one!) It makes meeting friends easier as you don’t have to worry about places being pushchair friendly, it makes going out easier, so you can walk in the forest, in the park etc. All of these factors will give you a boost of confidence, which is so important after having a little one. Also, babywearing increases the chance to do skin to skin with the baby (and yes, we’re doing another blog post about this!), which research has connected to decreased rates of postpartum depression.
  9. It’s cheaper than a pushchair: but guess what, you don’t have to choose; babywearing is compatible with alternating with the pushchair.
  10. Your children grow more confident: being raised heart to heart with a parent means your child will gain a sense of you being there for them. They will know you are there to support them and they won’t be scared to fly solo, knowing there is no place like home!

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