KOALA | babywearing parka

The KOALA parka is the ultimate winter babywearing coat. A Down feather parka, it withstands temperatures down to -20C


Technical Materials

Water Repellent

Duck Down

Wind Resistant

Good up to -20

The Ultimate Babywearing Parka

Say hello to the latest addition to our Wombat & Co. London family: the KOALA Down Feather Parka! This exceptional parka is designed to keep you and your little one warm and cozy throughout every stage, from pregnancy to babywearing and beyond.
Versatile 4-in-1 Design: The KOALA parka is your ultimate winter companion, offering a 4-in-1 solution. Use it during pregnancy, for front babywearing, piggyback babywearing, and when you’re not babywearing, it transforms into a stunning winter parka. Plus, for parents of twins, we’ve got you covered – you can purchase an additional panel to carry both of your little ones simultaneously.
Tested and Trusted: Tested in temperatures as low as -20°C, the KOALA parka stands strong against the harshest winter conditions. Its water-repellent, winter-resistant, and breathable design ensures you’re prepared for anything Mother Nature throws your way. Remarkably lightweight at just 1.1 kilograms, this premium parka promises years of warmth and comfort.
Unisex Elegance: But wait, there’s more! The KOALA parka boasts a timeless unisex design, fitting both men and women beautifully. Because when it comes to style and functionality, why should anyone miss out? 🙂
Prepare for a winter like never before with the KOALA Down Feather Parka. Your journey into exceptional warmth and versatility begins here. 🐨🧥❄️



Convertible Koala Pregnancy and Babywearing Parka in front babywearing mode
Side View of Koala Pregnancy and Babywearing Parka with hood

It's Unisex


The KOALA babywearing parka is Unisex! That’s right! We’ve carefully designed this babywearing parka to be a truly versatile masterpiece, tailored to the style and comfort of both men and women! 🌟

Benefits of using the KOALA unisex babywearing parka

Experience the Unmatched Benefits of the KOALA Babywearing Parka


Feather-Light Comfort: At just 1.1 kilograms, the KOALA babywearing parka offers feather-light comfort, ensuring you feel unburdened while staying warm.

Breathable and Insulating: Enjoy the perfect blend of breathability and thermal isolation. The KOALA parka keeps you comfortable while babywearing, whether it’s raining, windy, or snowy outside.

Versatile Modern Design: Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a city explorer, or someone who enjoys a bit of both, the modern pattern of the KOALA parka is not only stylish but also exceptionally comfortable.

Adjustable Waistband: Tailor the fit to your shape with the adjustable waistband, ensuring the parka fits you perfectly.

Double Cuffs for Extra Warmth: The double cuffs not only protect your arms but also effectively seal out the cold, keeping you cozy even in the chilliest weather.

Spacious Pockets: Stay organized and keep your essentials close with four pockets—two hand pockets and two generously sized flap pockets.

Detachable Panel: The KOALA parka comes with a versatile detachable panel suitable for pregnancy, front babywearing, and back babywearing. For parents of twins or those who want to carry multiple children, an additional panel can be purchased. The detachable panel offers three points of adjustment for a customized fit.

Size Options: Find your perfect fit with a choice of five sizes S/8, M/10, L/12, XL/14, and 2XL/16.

Unisex Appeal: With its modern pattern, the KOALA babywearing parka is the ideal choice for couples who enjoy sharing everything, including their style.

Elevate your babywearing experience with the KOALA Babywearing Parka – where comfort, style, and versatility unite to keep you and your little one cozy in all seasons. 🐨🧥❄️

KOALA sizes in cms

Duck Down


Duck down is considered the best type of filling to regulate thermal isolation


fill power

Fill power serves as a measure of a down product’s loftiness or ‘fluffiness.’ The greater the fill power, the more air a given weight of down can capture, resulting in enhanced insulation capabilities

Koala babywearing parka


  • Exterior: 68% Cotton, 32% Polyamide

  • Interior Lining: 100% Polyamide

  • Insulation: 90% White Duck Down, 10% Down

  • Fill Power: 600

Unmatched Comfort and Protection: The KOALA babywearing parka is more than just stylish; it’s your shield against the elements. Crafted with a fabric composition that combines durability with comfort, you’ll find the perfect balance in every layer. Our 90% white duck down insulation, with a 600 fill power, ensures exceptional warmth without the bulk.


Weather-Ready Performance: Designed to handle the harshest conditions, the KOALA parka is both water-repellent and resistant to wind and snow. You can confidently face temperatures as low as -15°C to -25°C. However, please keep in mind that your comfort level can vary based on factors like the layers you wear underneath, humidity, genetics, and more.


Exceptional Warmth: Among our lineup, the KOALA parka stands as the warmest, ensuring you and your little one stay toasty even in the chilliest of weather.


Sizing Options: To guarantee the perfect fit, the KOALA parka is available in five sizes (when in doubt, we recommend to size up!)🌬️🐨❄️

Babywearing Tips: Babywearing In Winter

The Safest Option For You And Your Little One

Babywearing is the best option to get that bit of fresh air for both, you and your baby. Keep your little one close to you, stay hands free and make sure you two are warm and cosy in your happy bubble!


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