Men's Babywearing Jacket

The Wombat & Co  Bandicoot is the ideal babywearing jacket for men. Practical & adaptable with easily detachable, zip-off panels to convert it from a men’s babywearing jacket that fits over standard slings & carriers, into an everyday weatherproof, parka-style coat


Machine washable and designed to last you from maternity right through to carrying your baby in a sling.


Keep you & your little-one protected from the cold & wet weather with our flexible men's babywearing jackets & coats.

Dev System

Easily detachable panels give the Bandicoot the extra room to fit over a standard sling or papoose.

Daddy time!

The Bandicoot is babywearing coat for dads. Engineered with detachable panels to provide flexible, practical weatherproof jacket for when you’re carrying your baby or not.


The Men's Babywearing Jacket

The Wombat Bandicoot is the ultimate in comfortable, practical babywearing jackets for men.

Men's Babywearing

The easily removable panels convert the Bandicoot Men’s Babywearing coat from a stylish, everyday parka into a babywearing coat for dad’s. 

Engineered for Today

A practical babywearing coat for men should be designed for active dads, so the Bandicoot can adapt to your needs. With the zip-off panel, it switches from back babywearing to front-babywearing in a carrier or sling. An additional panel can accommodate tandem babywearing for twins.

Flexible Design

Zip-off the easily detachable extension panels and the Bandicoot converts back into an everyday weatherproof, parka-style jacket for any occasion and suitable for cold temperatures in excess of .

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The Bandicoot is flexible and adaptable to your needs, quickly transforming between an everyday men’s jacket to a Men’s babywearing coat. We’ve made some videos to demonstrate how easy you can zip the panels on or off to change modes.