NUMBAT GO is the foldable lightweight babywearing jacket that you can carry everywhere you go!


Technical Materials

Water Repellent

Environmentally Friendly

Wind Resistant

Machine Washable

The lightweight babywearing jacket that folds into a shoulder bag

NUMBAT GO is the lightest, more compacted babywearing coat on the market. At only 500 grams, you can fold it in three quick steps and put it in your bag or wear it as a handbag!

Designed for Spring/Summer, and still with a big fashion component in mind, NUMBAT GO is practical and you can take it anywhere you go! 

NUMBAT GO comes in 4 colours: Mustard, Mint, Navy and Purple.

NUMBAT GO allows for 4 uses: Pregnancy, Front Babywearing, Back Babywearing and normal use, with the additional advantage of converting into a bag.


Because you never know what the weather might be like, we have designed a foldable lightweight jacket.

You can fold it in 3 easy steps, and wear it as a small shoulder bag!


Spring Maternity Jacket

NUMBAT GO converts into a small bag that you can wear with the strap provided. A 4-in-1 Spring/Summer coat that will go with you everywhere you go!

NUMBAT GO allows for 4-in-1 use: Pregnancy, Front Babywearing, Back Babywearing and normal use. It folds into the shape of a small shoulder bag, so you can put it inside your baby nappy bag or chuck it under the pram, just in case it might get chilly! 

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Just Mum

When you are not babywearing, you just remove the insert and you are ready to go for as long as you want. NUMBAT GO is made to last for years!

Pregnancy Jacket

In the last stages of pregnancy, where you can’t close your jacket anymore, just zip in the insert, and voilà, you have room for your baby bump.  As all the Wombat & Co. London babywearing coats, the NUMBAT GO central panel comes with adjustments strings that help adapt the coat to the size of your bump throughout the pregnancy.

Back Babywearing

There are times when, for some people, back babywearing is more practical, so we designed the adjustable insert that comes with every WALLABY to handle rear babywearing too.

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Front Babywearing

NUMBAT GO allows front babywearing and back babywearing. By buying an additional insert, mums can also tandem war or babywear at the back when they are pregnant.

The insert adapts to the size of your baby, so you can babywear until your little one is 3 to 4 years old.


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