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NUMBAT GO - the new Spring babywearing jacket

Meet our new model, the ultimate spring babywearing jacket that folds into a bag. 

It’s that time of year… Whilst we’ve made it through the worst that the winter could throw at us, cold snaps are still taking us by surprise. The prospect of an exciting -finally out lockdown- summer ahead is pushing us through, but as we all know, you can never rely on the weather, even when you see the sun shining through your window!

At Wombat, we know that this state of being neither-here-nor-there is not unique to springtime. It is something that we are accustomed to the whole year round – after all, it is part and parcel of living in London.

With it being too cold to go jacketless, and too warm for your big coat, we have the perfect solution. Say hello to our most flexible babywearing coat yet – the NUMBAT GO!

A lightweight Spring babywearing jacket perfect for spring and summer, the NUMBAT GO encompasses all of the benefits of your favourite lightweight jacket, without compromising on the warmth and comfort of your bigger coat. And of course, it provides the opportunity to bring your little one along with you, wherever you go!

The NUMBAT GO is the perfect match for the practical, busy mum in the city. 

What makes NUMBAT GO a great Spring babywearing jacket?

Babywearing jacket folds into a bag
Lightweight Babyweraing Jacket
spring babywearing jacket

1. Light and foldable

We’ve all had those days where it feels like you’re racing around non-stop. As mums, we know that you’re more than familiar with that feeling! To keep the spring in your step, we designed the NUMBAT GO to be our most lightweight model yet. Weighing just 500 grams, the NUMBAT GO’s light weight is ideal for reducing your load. Its interchangeability also makes it an instant must-have. In three simple folds, and by attaching the provided strap, your jacket can be easily converted into an off-the-shoulder bag.

2. Breathable to avoid overheating

Wrapping up in layers upon layers of cosy clothing can be great – in theory. The reality can be a lot different, and a lot sweatier! Often, all it takes is a brisk to cause your temperature to shoot up. Before you’ve even made a start into your day, you are a hot, sweaty mess (don’t worry, we’ve all been there!). 

For this reason, we designed the lightest possible jacket. Its highly technical material will also help to keep the effects of overheating at bay, should they arise. The NUMBAT GO’s breathable polyester will wick the sweat away from your body, leaving both you and your little one feeling comfortable and dry.

3. Water repellent to conquer the elements

Whilst there is very little that could possibly ruin that idyllic, intimate moment between mother and baby, getting soaking wet may put a bit of a damper on the moment! Fortunately, with the NUMBAT GO, this is not something that you will need to worry about. We have designed your jacket’s protective layer to be repellent to rain and all of the other elements you may unexpectedly run into whilst navigating the city. 

4. Wind resistant to protect you and baby

Whether you are out in the city or hiking outdoors, we all know how nasty the wind can get. The NUMBAT GO can withstand even the strongest of winds. So you needn’t worry, both you and baby will be kept warm and comfortable inside your jacket.

5. There is another important element to the NUMBAT GO that we knew we didn’t want to compromise on. You guessed it – style!

The trendy NUMBAT GO comes in four unique, eye-catching colourways. Our jacket will have you well and truly feeling yourself! Being a mum doesn’t need you have to compromise on feeling great! Step out feeling great and confident; you are carrying the most precious thing in the world! (that is your baby of course!) 

Available in Mustard, Mint, Navy and Purple, there is sure to be a colour that takes your fancy.

Our sizes range from S through XXL and ensure a fit that grows to adapt to your size throughout every stage of your nine months of pregnancy and beyond. When making a size selection, we recommend choosing your regular size, as the adjustable strings that come fitted with your jacket are well-equipped to accommodate your bump. If you are in between sizes, go a size up. It is no secret that your body goes through an incredible change throughout pregnancy, and so as is the case with each of our babywearing coats, all you will have to do is pull the strings to find a fit that works for you.

Don’t miss out – get your NUMBAT GO now.



From pregnancy, for life

Extended length

NUMBAT GO is that it is longer than most baby wearing jackets on the market. This is especially important, as it will ensure that your baby’s feet are covered. After all, your little one doesn’t want chilly toes!

One Panel for all modes

Suitable from pregnancy until preschool and beyond, the NUMBAT GO is not only long-lasting, it’s versatile. It truly adapts to wherever you are in your journey through pregnancy and motherhood, whether you’re expecting, babywearing, or chasing your toddler around the play area. Each of the parts of your jacket are removable, such as its hood, as well as the removable panel. Yes, NUMBAT GO is a proper 4 in 1 babywearing jacket with varied uses:

Front Wearing

Clear benefits of front babywearing include the closeness and intimacy it creates between you and your little one. You won’t need to reach too far to shower them with kisses! This can explain why front-facing babywearing seems to be the most favoured mode by new mums. It is also the most comfortable mode for those new to babywearing. By zipping your adjustable panel to the front of your jacket, you can keep your little one as close to you as physically possible. Oh, and remember you can adjust the elastic bands to adapt to the size of your baby and make sure she’s cosy and comfy.

Back Wearing

Back babywearing, can maintain a bond between parent and child, whilst making accomplishing daily tasks a lot easier. We recommend piggyback wearing from 1 year old only (you really want to see the face of the little babies). To do so, all you will need to do is move the detachable central panel to the back of your babywearing jacket. If you are a babywearing expert or have been doing it for a while, you won’t need any help. If you aren’t, please don’t be discouraged by how daunting it may look! Find a babywearing consultant or check YouTube for tutorials. If you still struggle, contact us! We are happy to help!

Tandem Wearing

Because two is always better than one! If you are the proud parent of twins, or if you have two little ones of a similar age, tandem babywearing may be the perfect option for you. Not only does carrying around two little humans at once guarantee you a workout, just think about all of the extra cuddling! By inserting an additional panel, you will be able to accommodate both of your little ones at once.

Urban Mode

Your NUMBAT GO is not just ideal for babywearing. By removing the detachable panel, it can also be worn as a regular, stylish jacket in its own right, both in the early stages of your pregnancy and long after your little ones are not so little anymore. Yes, it is a Spring babywearing jacket, but as all of our jackets, it’s designed for you, for the practical mum who wants to invest in a product that lasts for life.

About Wombat & Co. London

Wombat & Co. London is on a mission to spread the word about babywearing. As parents, we know that it could not be more important to foster a connection with your little one both during your pregnancy and throughout their early years, and we believe that babywearing is the best way to do this.

 We have experienced firsthand the relationship-building benefits of this thoroughly enriching practice, but we know that this is not limited to mother and child – babywearing can strengthen ties between mums and dads, and the family as a whole. As a family-owned business, we are driven by a passion for babywearing, and by offering items of the highest standard, we strive to pass on this enthusiasm on to the mums, dads and families that we serve.

You can take a look through each of the NUMBAT GO’s product specifics by visiting the NUMBAT GO product page.

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