WOMBAT SHELL is the allrounder babywearing softshell


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Shower Proof

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The all-year rounder babywearing softshell

Introducing the WOMBAT SHELL: Your Ultimate All-Season Babywearing Softshell Jacket


Prepare to experience unmatched comfort and versatility with our WOMBAT SHELL – the perfect softshell jacket for pregnancy and babywearing. Designed to brave the elements and elevate your outdoor adventures, this innovative jacket offers a unique blend of warmth and breathability. Ensure both you and your little one stay cozy without the risk of overheating, thanks to its polar fleece interior and breathable fabric.


The WOMBAT SHELL is not just a jacket; it’s a 4-in-1 solution that effortlessly fits over any baby carrier or wrap. Whether you prefer front or back carrying, our central panel accommodates your choice. Plus, in line with all our Wombat & Co. jackets, it provides ample space for children up to 3 to 4 years old. And here’s the best part – it transitions seamlessly into a stylish everyday jacket whenever you desire.


Built to withstand light showers with a remarkable water column of over 10,000 mm, the WOMBAT SHELL offers reliable protection for you and your baby. Choose from four stylish colors: Caramel, Light Blue, Cherry Red, and Camo Green.

With six available sizes (S, M, L, XL, 2XL), the WOMBAT SHELL delivers outstanding value at just £154.9 / 169.9€. Don’t compromise on quality; make the WOMBAT SHELL your go-to choice for year-round comfort and style.

Shower proof

10,000mm water column means WOMBAT SHELL offers some rain protection for unexpected showers when you are out and about with your little one.

Water column pressure is a way of measuring how waterproof the fabric of a piece of clothing is.

 Imagine a long glass pipe placed on the fabric that you fill up with water. The millimetres indicate how much water you can fill in the glass pipe before the water permeates the fabric

allrounder babywearing softshell

All Rounder Softshell Babywearing Jacket

WOMBAT SHELL is an all-year-round pregnancy and babywearing softshell jacket. Designed to withstand the elements and ideal for the outdoors, WOMBAT SHELL will protect you and your baby against the cold, whilst preventing overheating thanks to its breathable fabric.

WOMBAT SHELL allows for 4-in-1 use: Pregnancy, Front Babywearing, Back Babywearing and normal use.

Size Chart in cms

All measurements are in cms
SLEEVE LENGTH62.562.564.565.566.5

Just Mum

When you are not babywearing, you just remove the insert and you are ready to go for as long as you want. WOMBAT SHELL is made to last for years!

Pregnancy Jacket

In the last stages of pregnancy, where you can’t close your jacket anymore, just zip in the insert, and voilà, you have room for your baby bump. 

As with all the Wombat & Co. London babywearing coats, the WOMBAT SHELL central panel comes with adjustments strings that help adapt the coat to the size of your bump throughout the pregnancy.

Back Babywearing

As all Wombat London jackets, the same panel allows you to carry your baby at the back. Need to tandem wear? Additional panels are available to buy too!

Front Babywearing

WOMBAT SHELL allows front babywearing and back babywearing. By buying an additional insert, mums can also tandem war or babywear at the back when they are pregnant.

The insert adapts to the size of your baby, so you can babywear until your little one is 3 to 4 years old.

Technical specifications

WOMBAT SHELL is made as a triple membrane. The outer shell offers great rain protection, with a water column of 10,000mm. While this doesn’t actually mean is “water proof”, and water will eventually get through, it does offer great protection.


Our beloved softshell babywearing jacket is also wind proof but the porosity of the fabric is made of means there is great breathability, so you and your baby will be dry and comfortable. When babywearing is very important to use transpirable and breathable fabrics, to avoid overheating and sweating.

What does Water column mean?

The water column indicates the level of water pressure that a fabric can withstand before water penetrates it. The waterproof specification of a material is generally stated in mmH2O (water column/millimetres).
The higher the water column rating of a material, the greater the water pressure it can withstand and the greater the level of waterproofness. Our performance levels have water column ratings from 1700 to 10,000 mm. For example, when sitting on wet grass in a pair of waterproof pants, the pressure on the fabric corresponds to a water column rating of approx. 2000 mm.

Pressure is almost always measured in mbar (millibars) or Pa (Pascals). However, in the textile industry, using “mmH20” has become commonplace. This convention originates from the time before analogue or digital pressure measurement gauges were available, when the pressure exerted was read off the level of a column of water in a small tube.

You can take a look through each of the WOMBAT SHELL’s product specifics by visiting the WOMBAT SHELL product page.

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How to measure yourself before buying a Babywearing Coat

We’ve put together a chart with our recommendations for choosing the right size for you. When measuring yourself up, don’t worry about your bump, the pregnancy panel will allow for that extra room.

It’s important to measure yourself at the widest point on both, chest and hips, to make sure you will fit comfortable in your coat. At Wombat & Co. we believe mums and dads can look amazing, be comfortable and look after their little one!

If you are still unsure you can measure one of your existing coats and compare with our babywearing coats’ measurements (below); or you can contact us for help.



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