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What's the best babywearing coat for you and your baby?


Finding the right maternity coat can be a challenge, especially when your pregnancy is likely to span across different seasons. There are so many options available and it can be difficult to make the right call, especially when you’re browsing online where it’s not always easy to judge the warmth and quality of the material. You may also worry that buying a maternity coat is a waste of money if you’re only going to wear it for one season. That’s where the many benefits of investing in a babywearing coat come in!


Do I actually need to invest in a babywearing coat?

One of the great things about a Wombat babywearing jacket is that it has plenty of longevity – in fact, all of our designs can be worn from pregnancy until your little one’s 3 to 4 years old. Wearing your baby is a great way to maintain a close bond with them as they make the transition from the womb to the big wide world during what’s known as the ‘fourth trimester’. Babywearing also helps your baby’s physical, emotional and social development and even encourages early language development. And, there’s the added bonus that it’s a safe and easy way for your baby to travel!



What's the best babywearing coat out there?

So, which is the right babywearing jacket for you? If you need versatility, one of our Wombat 4-in-1 coats or jackets could be exactly what you’re looking for. Not only do they offer great value for money, they’re also super stylish, perfect for urban life and fully adjustable, so that they grow with your pregnancy and beyond.


With a Wombat coat, you’re not just investing in a piece of maternity clothing – this is a wardrobe essential that will last for years. 




Within the Wombat range there are five different models to consider, all at different price points and designed for a variety of weather conditions. We’ve rounded them up below, beginning with our lightest jacket and finishing with our super-snug, down parka. Pick the Wombat that best suits your lifestyle. 

NUMBAT GO - the foldable lightweight babywearing coat

The NUMBAT GO is the lightest of our babywearing coats, perfect for the spring and autumn (and, if you live in the UK, the summer too!). It’s one of our most popular coats because it’s so convenient: it’s showerproof and folds up easily. You can convert it into a useful bag or stow it away inside your nappy bag in case of unexpected winds or light rain. Designed with the fashion conscious mum in mind, it’s stylish and on-trend, and currently comes in four colours: Mustard, Mint, Navy and Purple, with Black to follow in November by popular demand!

The NUMBAT GO retails for £99/109€.


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KOWARI - 2 jackets in 1!

The KOWARI is our most versatile coat, combining two independent jackets that you can wear either separately or together. In cooler climates, the water repellent outer jacket is perfect for spring and summer, but as soon as the weather turns cold, just attach the two jackets together for a heavier winter coat. The inner jacket is made of technical light down providing cozy protection all year long. The KOWARI can be worn during pregnancy, and for both front and back babywearing. It can also be adapted to support tandem babywearing. If you just want a stylish coat for everyday wear, however, remove the easy-zip-off panel and it’s the perfect coat for the school run – whatever time of year. 



The KOWARI retails for £239.9 /269.9€


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WOMBAT SHELL - the babywearing softshell

The WOMBAT SHELL is showerproof, water repellent and wind resistant so it’s perfect for all-year-round babywearing. It has a snug polar fleece interior made from breathable fabric, which helps to regulate the temperature so whatever the season,  you and your baby won’t find yourselves too hot or too cold. The WOMBAT SHELL is suitable from pregnancy until your child’s a toddler, and it allows you to carry them on your front or back. Top of the range when it comes to water protection, it’s a great choice if you live in a rainy climate. The sky may be grey but this babywearing jacket comes in vibrant colours to brighten up your day – Caramel,  Light Blue, Cherry Red and Camo Green.



The WOMBAT SHELL retails for £154.9 /169.9€


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WALLABY - the popular choice!

The WALLABY is our best-selling baby wearing jacket in every country, and is perfect for those cold, wintery days. Made from high-quality material, it’s super warm, lined with synthetic fur, and it offers unbeatable value for money. It comes with a detachable scarf that protects your neck, while ensuring your baby is safe, avoiding the need for a regular scarf, which can pose a suffocation risk. The WALLABY is longer than the average babywearing coat and, due to popular demand, is available in a wide variety of sizes from XS to 3XL to cater for as many mums as possible.  It comes in four colour combinations – Forest Green, Grey & Black, Black & Grey and Navy Blue.



The WALLABY retails for £169.90 /179.9€


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KOALA - the babywearing parka

Last but not least, The KOALA is the warmest coat in the Wombat family – it’s tried and tested to keep you cozy even when the temperature drops as low as minus 20 degrees! This breathable parka offers optimum thermal isolation, so it’s great for babywearing in the light rain, wind and snow. As with all of our winter coats, the KOALA can be worn four ways. .It’s also unisex so if you happen to be a similar size to your partner, don’t be surprised if you find your coat is missing! Whether you’re on a winter city break or making snowmen with the kids in the park, the KOALA ensures your day’s not ruined by the cold!



The KOALA retails for £269.90 /289.9€


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We hope this guide helps you to identify the right Wombat jacket for your lifestyle. If you still have questions or would like some advice, please contact us here and one of the Wombat team will be in touch shortly.

About Wombat & Co. London

Wombat & Co. London is on a mission to spread the word about babywearing. As parents, we know that it could not be more important to foster a connection with your little one both during your pregnancy and throughout their early years, and we believe that babywearing is the best way to do this.

 We have experienced firsthand the relationship-building benefits of this thoroughly enriching practice, but we know that this is not limited to mother and child – babywearing can strengthen ties between mums and dads, and the family as a whole. As a family-owned business, we are driven by a passion for babywearing, and by offering items of the highest standard, we strive to pass on this enthusiasm on to the mums, dads and families that we serve.